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  • More Than Freckles

    More Than Freckles

    She looks just like you! A favorite part of parenthood is discovering what your baby looks like. What features did she get from you? What personality traits did she get from your partner? Who does she take after? It is all very fun. You pass on...

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  • Links Between Obesity and Cognitive Decline

    Links Between Obesity and Cognitive Decline

    Belly fat is strongly correlated with many different health risks. Patients may often hear warnings that belly fat, obesity, or merely being overweight can contribute to risks such as hypertension, diabetes, colon cancer, and other types of...

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  • Awkward Family Conversations?

    Awkward Family Conversations?

    Have you seen the blog Awkward Family Photos? Some of them are hysterical! While you might not ever think you'll look like some of the people in these awkward family photos, you just might when the time comes to have an important conversation...

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  • Are You A Baby Boomer?

    Are You A Baby Boomer?

    Health screenings are an important part of caring for yourself. Women over 40 know they should have mammograms. PAP smears are an annual part of women's lives as well. Colonoscopies are fun for everyone starting at age 50. But there are important...

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  • Aging and GI Issues: Probiotics

    Aging and GI Issues: Probiotics

    It’s part of aging...our immune systems start to decline in effectiveness. However, there are many things we can do to counteract this decline. A healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, adequate sleep, reduced stress, and a healthy diet...

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