• If You Have Asthma, Pay Attention!

    If You Have Asthma, Pay Attention!

    If you suffer from asthma and find your symptoms harder to manage, there could be a seemingly unrelated culprit that is responsible – and it is originating in your GI system. So what does your gastrointestinal system have to do with experiencing...

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  • The President and Acid Reflux

    President Obama was taken to Walter Reed Medical Center over the weekend to find the cause of his chronic sore throat - the culprit turned out to be acid reflux.

    It is unusual to have acid reflux without the accompanying...

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  • GERD and Asthma

    Add adult onset asthma to the list of diseases associated with GERD. Most people think of heartburn when they hear of GERD; but the symptoms include chest discomfort, a dry or hacking cough, difficulty in swallowing, hoarseness and sore throat....

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