• The Appointment that Could Save Your Life

    The Appointment that Could Save Your Life

    March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Doctors stress awareness of colorectal cancer because it’s so difficult to detect, and yet completely preventable. A colonoscopy has a negative connotation which causes many people to avoid it. However,...

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  • Hard to Stomach

    Hard to Stomach

    In November, we all become very aware of our stomachs. Whether it is what we’re going to put in it or how we’re going to maintain its size, most of us think about it several times throughout the month. But there are a few people thinking about...

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  • Hope in November

    Hope in November

    Knowledge is power, and in the case of pancreatic cancer, knowledge is hope. Pancreatic cancer is the third highest cause of cancer death in the U.S., and the month of November is dedicated to spreading awareness of this disease. Through increased...

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  • Home Tests vs. Colonoscopies

    Home Tests vs. Colonoscopies

    The prevalence and necessity of colonoscopies is pretty well understood in the gastroenterology world, and the team at GI Associates love to educate all of our patients, especially those in the approaching age 45. With the recent rise of colon...

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  • Play to Win

    Play to Win

    We tend to think of health as a game of cards—you play the hand you’re dealt with very little control over the outcome. In other words, it’s all just chance. As more research is being done, especially around cancer, it turns out that’s just...

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