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  • Links Between Age and Heartburn

    Links Between Age and Heartburn

    When you were younger, you likely could go out for Mexican or have a late-night snack with no repercussions at all, but perhaps now you’re feeling some of the effects of overindulging or eating spicy food. There is no one clear age where heartburn...

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  • Aware of the Problem

    Aware of the Problem

    Most people in the U.S. experience heartburn as often as once a month, so it makes sense that this symptom is frequently ignored or considered “part of life.” For this reason, November 18-24 is dedicated to spreading awareness about...

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  • Heed Heartburn’s Warning

    Heed Heartburn’s Warning

    Do you ignore a warning sign on the road? Do you assume it is misplaced or that it’s probably not a big deal? Of course not! You understand that warning signs strategically alert you of an impending danger and you adjust your course of action. You...

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  • Awareness, Not Avoidance

    Awareness, Not Avoidance

    November 19-25 is GERD Awareness Week, and if you have been suffering from heartburn and just “living with it,” ignore it no longer. GERD is a common illness with over half of all Americans experiencing some symptoms. The good news is that it is...

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  • Don’t Get Tricked by The Treats

    Don’t Get Tricked by The Treats

    With all of the door-to-door treats and costume party snacks, Halloween can pull some nasty tricks on your heartburn. Don’t let this holiday scare you! By planning ahead and knowing which foods are safe, you can make sure the haunted house is the...

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