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GI Associates has a long history of community service by performing colonoscopies for those unable to pay for the procedure. Every March during Colon Cancer Awareness Month the endoscopy center is filled with physicians and staff who volunteer time and resources to give needed healthcare relief.

This year's GiveBack saw almost 70 staff and physicians treating 40 patients and over half had polyps removed to be sent for pathology tests and results. There were several patients with a variety of polyps that normally become colon cancer so we celebrate saving lives at GI Associates!

Here's the feedback we received from one of our patients:

“Every person on staff, from receptionists to the nurses, assistance and Dr. Brannan, were the friendliest, most positive people! 5 minutes to check in, 5 minutes in the waiting room, and my procedure was underway. My visit was on Give Back Day, and rather than being treated as a charity case I was made to feel like a VIP. To think that the staff was donating their time and talents to serve the health of the less fortunate in their community fills me with gratitude and admiration. That they all did so with such wonderful attitudes is a testament to their humanity and their hearts. I couldn't have imagined a more positive experience! So grateful for each and every one in this clinic!”

GI Associates is making a difference through healthcare in the lives of individuals and our community. If you need a colonoscopy, contact us to set up an appointment.

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