Summary: Our Jackson, MS gastroenterologists are pleased to help parents establish proper nutrition and healthy eating habits for children of all ages.

Encouraging a healthy foundation in balanced nutritional habits can provide numerous benefits to your little ones now and in the long run. Helping kids establish healthy eating habits in the early years can allow them to learn how to add nourishment to their bodies all throughout their life and diminish the possibility of long-term medical concerns. Moreover, it might also improve their energy level at school, their ability to engage in other activities, and increase the quality of sleep they get each night.

The team at GI Associates & Endoscopy Center understands that a nutritious diet can positively impact your child throughout their lifetime. Considering that September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, we’ve provided tips for parents and guardians about proper dietary intake for kids, balanced meals and snacks for children, and lunchbox suggestions for little ones. Please take a minute to read our blog and book a consultation with one of our gastrointestinal (GI) doctors in Jackson, MS for any questions or concerns you may have.

How can I create ideal nutritional habits for my children?

Our GI doctors suggest several approaches to help motivate ideal eating habits for healthy youngsters. These include:

  • Let your child help with the cooking and food shopping activities. This presents the chance to teach your little one about selecting nutritious foods and nutrition labels during preparing and choosing food. Such an experience can allow children to come to appreciate exploring nutritious eating habits while enjoying time spent with you. As an added benefit, your child may be less likely to be a picky eater if they are included in choosing foods and understands more about your food selections.
  • Have family meals together on a consistent basis. While eating, try to have a positive conversation so your child does not negatively associate food with stress, as this may lead to other concerns over time.
  • Steer clear from utilizing food as a disciplinary technique or reward. When you use sugary foods to reward good behavior or put your little one to bed without dinner to discipline them, it could affect your child's relationship with food in the future.
  • Refer to portion recommendations on food packaging labels and check the list of ingredients. Teaching your child about nutrition labels and portion size can help them to be informed on how certain ingredients can impact their health.
  • Manage snack times and snack choices. Eating snacks is an integral component of a healthy diet. We suggest that you plan out a specific time for snacking and the kinds of food your child consumes. When your child is snacking, try to discourage them from eating in front of the TV. Watching television while snacking may lead to overeating.

What nutritious foods for kids could be included in your child’s diet?

Our Jackson, MS pediatric GI specialists recommend a healthy food plan of veggies, fruits, dairy, grains, and protein. When feasible, it's advisable to restrict trans fat and sugar when eating meals and snacks. By developing a diet that centers on these wholesome food selections, you can help your family members feel more energetic and be healthier overall. For parents who like to plan, we have listed some favorite lunchbox choices for school-aged kids. You can find the recipes here:

How can I locate more details about nutrition for children?

Aside from the information detailed here, our team members wish to offer a comprehensive collection of tips for parents so they can always access up-to-date information concerning nutrition for kids. Some of the sites we recommend are listed below:

At GI Associates & Endoscopy Center, our experts are focused on helping kids establish healthy habits early in life. Our pediatric GI specialists routinely work with parents and caregivers to develop a balanced nutritional foundation for kids of all age groups. Contact our Jackson, MS GI experts to discover more about the benefits of healthy eating habits or creating a proper nutrition plan for your child.

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