Summary: Gastroenterology clinical trials are conducted to help enhance the wellness of patients who experience digestive health conditions and diseases.

Clinical trials in the field of gastroenterology enable gastrointestinal (GI) specialists to analyze the effects of modern and new treatment interventions, making certain they are advantageous and safe for people of all demographics. Participation in gastroenterology research trials may offer favorable results to people who have not responded to existing treatment options or who desire to help grow the area of gastrointestinal research. GI Associates & Endoscopy Center is eager to serve as a leading authority for revolutionary investigations into gastrointestinal disorders and diseases. These clinical trials can help individuals who suffer from gastrointestinal concerns experience an improved quality of life now and over the course of time.

Research trials are critical to understanding and identifying ways to successfully address various GI diseases, cancers, and conditions. If you would like to partake in making an impact for yourself and other patients living with digestive health conditions, then you may be a candidate for clinical research studies. For help with finding a GI clinical trial in Jackson, MS, reach out to our practice today.

What are clinical research trials?

Once an experimental medical device, drug, or treatment has been put through testing in a lab and evaluated in animals to understand how effective and safe it might possibly be in humans, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) may authorize clinical research on human subjects. Such clinical studies are performed on a range of people in an effort to identify whether the new treatment option can be authorized for widespread benefit. The gastroenterology clinical trials supported by GI Associates & Endoscopy Center could potentially be measuring the impacts of experimental, novel behavioral interventions, medical devices, drugs, or diets. Clinical research trials allow healthcare practitioners to discern a treatment’s optimum dosage, potential side effects, and if the treatment is more effective than treatments presently approved by the Food and Drug Administration and available for widespread use.

How do I know if I'm a candidate for a GI clinical research study?

Good candidates for GI clinical trials may suffer from an intervention-resistant gastrointestinal condition or disease. Taking part in a GI research trial permits these individuals to learn about treatment methods that have not yet been released for general use. At certain times, gastroenterology studies might need to include healthy individuals as subjects. People in good health may elect to partake in clinical trials in an effort to help find methods to treat or prevent a health condition that may run in their family. It is important that clinical trials consist of patients of all ethnicities, ages, and sexes in order to collect data that is applicable to a diverse range of people.

How are gastroenterology clinical trials conducted?

If you are interested in volunteering for GI research trials in Jackson, MS, you should first connect with a gastrointestinal physician in your community. Our staff at GI Associates & Endoscopy Center can help you set up an appointment with one of our gastroenterologists. If a study is being conducted, a team member will review specific details of the research study and what the researchers are looking for in their volunteers. To see if you qualify for the clinical study, the research professionals will perform a thorough screening. If accepted, you will likely be required to fill out an informed consent form and be assessed at an initial “baseline” appointment. Over the progression of the research trial, you will need to visit the study location on a routine basis to receive evaluations or assessments depending on the factor(s) being analyzed by the study. It is imperative to always report any concerns or issues to the staff conducting the trial.

Want to learn more about GI clinical trials in Jackson, MS?

As a patient-focused group of gastroenterologists, GI Associates & Endoscopy Center wants to provide people with the most up-to-date information in innovative gastrointestinal research. Those who have not found favorable results with traditional therapies, or for whom no current treatments are in effect, might be a good candidate for a clinical trial. If you or a family member has a GI condition and want to discover more about accessing new treatment approaches, reach out to GI Associates & Endoscopy Center to explore clinical research trials in Jackson, MS.

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