Posts fromFebruary 2017

  • The Skinny On Metabolic Health

    The Skinny On Metabolic Health

    Oftentimes, it’s assumed that maintaining a healthy body weight is an indication that you are in good health. While that is indeed one factor that most doctors look at when evaluating your overall condition, it can be deceiving. A healthy body...

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  • Are You A Baby Boomer?

    Are You A Baby Boomer?

    Health screenings are an important part of caring for yourself. Women over 40 know they should have mammograms. PAP smears are an annual part of women's lives as well. Colonoscopies are fun for everyone starting at age 50. But there are important...

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  • Could You Have SIBO?

    Could You Have SIBO?

    Gas, bloating, pain and diarrhea aren’t usually common conversation topics due to their embarrassing nature, but if you are experiencing these things, it is vital to keep track of your symptoms and be honest with your doctor to ensure that you are...

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  • Take Care Of Your Heart!

    Take Care Of Your Heart!

    February is National Heart Month! Your heart serves as one of the command centers of your body, delivering blood throughout your system and keeping all of your vital functions running. So what happens when your heart isn’t working as it is...

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