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  • Fast Facts About Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    Fast Facts About Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    The first week of December is dedicated to Inflammatory Bowel Disease Awareness. Shining a light on IBD is important as awareness of the disease promotes early detection for others. Knowing more about different conditions and illnesses gives you a higher health literacy...

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  • Hard to Stomach

    Hard to Stomach

    In November, we all become very aware of our stomachs. Whether it is what we’re going to put in it or how we’re going to maintain its size, most of us think about it several times throughout the month. But there are a few people thinking about their stomachs for different...

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  • More Than Freckles

    More Than Freckles

    She looks just like you! A favorite part of parenthood is discovering what your baby looks like. What features did she get from you? What personality traits did she get from your partner? Who does she take after? It is all very fun. You pass on more than appearances and...

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  • Aware of the Problem

    Aware of the Problem

    Most people in the U.S. experience heartburn as often as once a month, so it makes sense that this symptom is frequently ignored or considered “part of life.” For this reason, November 18-24 is dedicated to spreading awareness about gastroesophageal reflux disease or...

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  • Hope in November

    Hope in November

    Knowledge is power, and in the case of pancreatic cancer, knowledge is hope. Pancreatic cancer is the third highest cause of cancer death in the U.S., and the month of November is dedicated to spreading awareness of this disease. Through increased support to advance...

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