Full Liquid Diet

A full liquid diet consists of liquids allowed on the clear liquid diet with the addition of milk and small amounts of fiber. The diet may be used for short term such as a transition step between the clear liquid and soft diet following gastrointestinal surgery or procedures. It may also be appropriate for those with certain swallowing and chewing problems. A well planned full liquid diet is adequate in calories, protein and fat but may be inadequate in vitamins (vitamin B12, vitamin A and thiamin), minerals (iron) and fiber.

Foods and liquids allowed on the full liquid diet includes all foods allowed on the clear liquid diet (popsicles, clear juice without pulp, plain gelatin, ice chips, water, sweetened tea or coffee (no creamer), popsicles, clear broths, carbonated beverages, flavored water and water) along with thin hot cereal (or gruel), strained cream soups, juices (including nectars), milkshakes, custard, puddings and liquid nutritional supplements.

Specific liquids or foods allowed are:







Milk and milk products  Milk (all types including buttermilk, soy, rice, almond and cow’s), milkshakes, pasteurized eggnog, smooth ice cream, frozen yogurt, custard, yogurt without fruit and pudding All cheeses
Vegetables All vegetable and tomato juice  
Fruits All juice and nectar  
Breads & Grains  Cooked, refined cereals including cream of wheat, farina and cream of rice All other cereals and breads
Meat & Meat substitutes  None  
Fats & Oils Butter, margarine, cream and oils All others
Sweets & Desserts Sherbet, sugar, sugar substitutes, hard candy, plain gelatin, fruit ice without added fruit pieces, honey and syrups All others
Beverages All  
Soups Broth, bouillon, smooth tomato soup and strained cream soups All others

 Sample 1-Day Menu for the Full Liquid Diet



Fruit Juice or Nectar Cream of wheat with margarine Milk Coffee or Hot Tea (with sugar, sugar substitute and/or cream as desired)

Lunch & Dinner  

Fruit Juice or Nectar Strained Cream Soup Ice Cream or Sherbet Pudding Milk Iced Tea or Carbonated Beverage

Snacks Milkshake or Liquid Nutritional Supplement such as Carnation® Instant Breakfast, Boost® or Ensure®