Get Ready for your procedure in 5 easy steps! Following these guidelines will give you the best possible foundation for your colonoscopy or other GI procedure. 

Step 1 - Understand Your Procedure

You can search our site for information on your procedure. Having a colonoscopy? Read this.

Step 2 - Understand Your Prep

Prepping for your procedure is the most important thing you can do to ensure great results. Follow your instructions completely! Here are the common types of bowel preps our doctors prescribe. Find the one your doctor has prescribed for you and download the information.

Oral Prep:

HyGIeaCare Prep:

Step 3 - Know how to deal with problems that may arise during your prep!

Step 4: Understand Your Insurance 

There are different types of colonoscopies and the orders coming from your referring physician can effect your insurance coverage. To avoid confusion, and surprise expenses, take a few minutes to learn the difference between a screening and a diagnositc colonoscopy. Read More Here.

 Step 5: Watch Your Consent Video

Scheduled for a procedure? Choose the video to match your procedure and watch completely. You will be asked prior to your procedure to verify that you have watched your specific consent video.