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  • A Fatty Liver Doesn’t Love Your Heart

    A Fatty Liver Doesn’t Love Your Heart

    We are learning more all the time about how the systems in the body work together. The relationship between non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and heart disease in women is just one more example of how the digestive system affects our...

  • IBD’s Family Tree

    IBD’s Family Tree

    You are a unique person shaped by different traits and attributes from your experiences and genetics passed down from relatives. Someone could meet you and know some things about you, but in order to fully understand who you are and why, a person...

  • Awkward Family Conversations?

    Awkward Family Conversations?

    Have you seen the blog Awkward Family Photos? Some of them are hysterical! While you might not ever think you'll look like some of the people in these awkward family photos, you just might when the time comes to have an important conversation...