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  • Check Your Engine

    Check Your Engine

    Your poop could be considered the check-engine light of your body, letting you know that something is not quite right. Whether serious or minor, a good indication of your overall health can be seen by the condition of your bowels. Everyone is...

  • Your Colon Is the Culprit

    Your Colon Is the Culprit

    When abdominal cramping lands you in the ER, and it is your colon’s fault, it’s not just a stomach bug. If you have diverticulitis, this is exactly what can happen! Diverticula are bulging pockets that form in the colon, and when one or more...

  • The Link Is Real

    The Link Is Real

    How we eat is the subject of much medical information, and it’s attached to so many illnesses that we can become almost numb to it. However, it is imperative for our futures that we heed the warnings. If our diets are linked to many diseases, then...