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A colonoscopy is an important test for your health. And the key to getting the most accurate results is completing a thorough preparation.


  1. The traditional oral prep is a burdensome process where your doctor recommends a restricted diet and laxative regimen of Miralax, Dulcolax, or a prescription laxative a day or two prior to your test. This preparation requires an entire day of staying near a bathroom prior to your test.
  2. HyGIeaCare: A fast and easy same-day process that’s more comfortable and delivers more accurate test results.


  • Dietary restrictions for up to 2 days prior
  • Drink a gallon of liquid laxative the day before
  • Takes an entire day to work
  • Lose a day of work at home in the bathroom
  • Up to 20-25% of all colonoscopies report inadequate bowel prep, jeopardizing test results


  • Prep for your colonoscopy without having to drink a solution 
  • After breakfast the day before, drink only liquids
  • Take a mild, over-the-counter laxative the day before
  • Takes less than an hour
  • Schedule same-day prep with your procedure
  • Consistent, thorough prep ensures the most accurate results

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