It’s that simple when it comes to constipation. Sometimes constipation can occur when your routine is interrupted with the stresses of life. That’s not uncommon, and can be addressed with higher liquids and fiber in your diet. But when constipation is more of a constant reality, that’s a serious issue and GI Associates has a solution that is easy, painless, and can reset your gut so that normal stools are, well, normal.

The HyGiRelief system is a perfect solution to a chronic constipation issue. One visit to the HyGIeaCare Center inside GI Associates can give relief in less than an hour in a private, professional environment. There’s no odor and the process is painless, but the results are life-changing. If you are tired of constantly using over-the-counter laxatives and STILL not getting the true relief you’re looking for, call GI Associates at 601-360-8200.

The GI Associates professionals in the HyGIeaCare Center understand your suffering and are ready to help you make a change in how you feel.

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