By this time in our culture, everyone knows that smoking has a strong link to developing cancers in the smoker’s body. Now researchers are saying that obesity has the same effect - second only to smoking.

Doctors are not sure of the exact relationship between obesity and the formation of cancers but the link is becoming indisputable. Obesity is often linked with hormone abnormalities and increased inflammation throughout the body; both are suspected links to the cancer development.

Doctors have been aware for some time of the strong relationship between obesity and these five cancers:

  • Breast Cancer, particularly in older women who have already experienced menopause

  • Cancer of the esophagus

  • Colorectal Cancers

  • Uterine Cancer

  • Cancer of the kidneys

But a new review recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows a link to as many as eight additional cancers:

  • A specific type of stomach cancer that occurs near the esophagus

  • Ovarian Cancer

  • Pancreatic Cancer

  • Thyroid Cancer

  • A particular type of blood cancer known as multiple myeloma

  • Gallbladder Cancer

  • Liver Cancer

  • And a normally benign type of brain tumor known as a meningioma

Thirteen cancers! Just like the looming threat of lung cancer caused millions of people to kick the smoking habit - is it time to kick the poor diet habit? If you are ready, we can help. Take control of your health and reduce your risk of cancer now by making an apportionment at GI Associates

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