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  • Eating Healthy With Prebiotics

    Eating Healthy With Prebiotics

    Probiotics, prebiotics, multivitamins, organic. No sugar, no carbs, no coffee, no cheating. Sometimes eating healthy sounds way too complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. Eating right and being healthy may actually be easier than most diets make it out to be. Eating the...

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  • Heed Heartburn’s Warning

    Heed Heartburn’s Warning

    Do you ignore a warning sign on the road? Do you assume it is misplaced or that it’s probably not a big deal? Of course not! You understand that warning signs strategically alert you of an impending danger and you adjust your course of action. You slow down or take...

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  • Invisible Blood in Stool Linked to Various Diseases

    Invisible Blood in Stool Linked to Various Diseases

    Most patients are already aware that blood in the stool is indicative of some type of health problem. Typically, these diagnoses are not life-threatening and are connected to various GI problems, hemorrhoids, or other infection. However, researchers have recently found a...

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  • Home Tests vs. Colonoscopies

    Home Tests vs. Colonoscopies

    The prevalence and necessity of colonoscopies is pretty well understood in the gastroenterology world, and the team at GI Associates love to educate all of our patients, especially those in the approaching age 45. With the recent rise of colon cancer amongst young adults,...

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  • Cirrhosis and the Younger Generation

    Cirrhosis and the Younger Generation

    When it comes to diseases related to alcohol, people often have a picture in their minds of an older, sick alcoholic who’s been drinking nonstop for years. But the fact is, no one is immune to alcoholism. Alcohol-related disease can happen to anyone: teenagers, young...

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