Clinical Trials

GI Associates joins forces with Wake Research in an effort to grow the clinical research program in our practice. Working with Wake Research enables us to provide greater access to clinical trials for our patients. 

Together, GI Associates and Wake Research work to provide the latest treatment options with consistent, quality care and novel therapies to the communities of the greater Jackson, MS area.

You may view a list of active clinical trials, and if you are interested in becoming a study participant, email us now. The benefits of this relationship are far-reaching for GI Associates patients and their families. Some of the benefits include:

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Expanded Treatment Options

Improved local access to clinical trials and leading-edge treatments that can be administered close to home.

Consistent Care

An increased ability to retain continuity of care with physicians they know and trust.

Innovative Medicine

The ability to participate in research trials with promising drug combination therapies.

By partnering with Wake Research, GI Associates has access to a research institution that conducts a number of clinical trials and one of the largest, community-based disease research support programs offering management, regulatory and other clinical research support services to physician researchers in multiple therapeutic areas and research sponsors across the country. Through a powerful national network of hundreds of physicians, Wake Research supports advancements in clinical research and provides greater access to clinical trials in a community-based setting.

GI Associates is determined to make a difference through its clinical research support program with access to a variety of clinical trials in several therapeutic areas, in active enrollment and follow-up. Through these trials, patients are able to receive innovative new treatments in the communities we serve.

To learn more about Wake Research view a list of active clinical trials. If you are interested in becoming a study participant, email us now.