At GI Associates, we take colorectal cancer seriously. That’s why every March, during Colon Cancer Awareness Month, we strive to raise awareness of colon cancer screenings and how preventable colorectal cancer is. If found early, colon cancer has a 90% cure rate! Doctors recommend that everyone get screened beginning at age 50. Do any of your friends or family need to hear this information? Encouraging them to get screened could literally save their life.

This year, GI Associates has joined forces with Stinky Feet Athletics to raise awareness during Colon Cancer Awareness Month. The first annual Butts and Guts 5K Race And Walk will take place on Saturday, March 31, at 4pm in Liberty Park. Our goal is to raise awareness for colon screenings, celebrate cancer survivors, and raise money for colon cancer research. All proceeds will benefit Mississippi’s 70x2020 Colon Cancer Awareness Program. Registration is open to everyone aged 8 and up, and if you register by March 16, Stinky Feet Athletics has some great gifts for you. Help us fight colon cancer and have a great time at the Butts and Guts 5K—we will see you there!

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