Most people, if they haven’t been effected in a major way by cancer, operate under the assumption that they are invincible. This is especially true for younger people. However, new research is discovering that colon cancer is different in younger patients than in older patients—and not just different, but more dangerous. 

A recent study compared cancer cells in younger and older patients and found two important differences in gene signaling pathways that are involved in regulating cell development, metabolism, and growth. The tumors found in younger people were also found to be enriched, and because of this, the chemotherapies that have worked for older patients may not do the same for the younger patients.

While findings like this are certainly never ideal, researches are hoping to offer better treatments in the future for this younger population of colon cancer patients. This study also points out the importance of knowing your personal risk and family history. If you have a strong famiy history of CRC, you should be screened at an earlier age.

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