We have long heard that carbs may be adding to our waistline but a recently published study suggests that carbs may be indirectly responsible for colon cancer. Please note that these are preliminary studies only, the results have only been found in mice and more studies are necessary before definitive results can be announced.

In the study, University of Toronto scientists suggest a common type of gut-dwelling bacteria breaks down carbs into certain metabolites that can lead to cancer. These metabolites appear to cause cells that line the colon to divide and proliferate rapidly, forming polyps. Polyps, which can grow into a cancer, are the abnormal growths that your doctor is looking for when performing a colonoscopy.

The study looked at two possible solutions to the bacteria - a specific antibiotic to kill the bacteria and removing carbs from the subjects diet. There is concern that removing the bacteria could have unintended consequences and there are dangers from long-term antibiotic use. That leaves altering the diet as the safest way to prevent the metabolites from forming.

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