Recently a national survey was done of people who responded that they have IBS. Upon deeper investigation, all 1,045 responders had self-diagnosed, and the majority of the responders were also self-treating.

Part of the problem is the syndrome itself. IBS is hard to describe, difficult to identify, and can not be cured - only managed. Most patients have a degree of abdominal pain or discomfort, nausea, and a change in bowel habits. Some patients report diarrhea ranging from moderate to severe, while others suffer from constipation. There is not a cure for the illness and the treatment is directed at managing symptoms.

Respondents to the survey reported feeling frustrated with trying to get their physicians to understand the problem. If you have IBS type symptoms and want a physician that will understand and take you seriously, you need to see a gastroenterologist. What sets the specialty apart is not just the years of training and certifications, but also the experience that comes from seeing a higher percentage of patients suffering from IBS symptoms.

The gastroenterologists at GI Associates in Jackson, MS can help you learn how to identify your triggers, what lifestyle changes can improve your quality of life, and what new standards of treatments are available for your type of IBS. So stop suffering in silence and make an appointment today.

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