Add adult onset asthma to the list of diseases associated with GERD. Most people think of heartburn when they hear of GERD; but the symptoms include chest discomfort, a dry or hacking cough, difficulty in swallowing, hoarseness and sore throat. The respiratory symptoms come from acid in the esophagus that enters the patients' airways.

A new, specially designed catheter, is able to detect the acid in the airways. It has proven so effective that it may become a standard test for patients whose adult asthma is not responding to medication or for GERD patients who suddenly develop asthma symptoms. Although the test is promising, more testing is warranted.

What we do know, is that GERD and adult onset asthma have a known association; so if you are experiencing symptoms of either GERD or asthma please make an appointment today to see a Doctor at GI Associates.

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