Every year, the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) rewards spectacular achievement in the field of colorectal cancer research and prevention with the SCOPY awards. The Service Award for Colorectal Cancer Outreach, Prevention, and Year-Round Excellence will reward 21 different projects in 2018, ranging from Best Spanish Language Video to Best Call-to-Action. Mississippi's own GI Associates will take home two of these awards, including Best Community Service Delivery by a GI Practice and Best Original Tactic. Find out more about each of these specific recognitions below, and why GI Associates has been so highly recognized for their efforts.

Best Community Service Delivery by a GI Practice

The Best Community Service Delivery by a GI Practice award goes to an American College of Gastroenterology practice that has gone above and beyond in their community in order to promote colon cancer awareness, prevention, research, or treatment. GI Associates has been recognized because of their “Give Back” day held every year. Colon cancer is extremely prevalent–and deadly. One of the best ways to prevent colon cancer is to have a screening by age 45 to 50, usually performed as a colonoscopy. However, many people cannot afford the procedure, or their insurance refuses to cover it. During GI Associates’ “Give Back” day, patients are welcomed to the facility for a free-of-charge colonoscopy. The earlier cancerous polyps are found, the better the chances for survival. In the most recent Give Back day, 60 colonoscopies were provided to the community.

Best Original Tactic

GI Associates was also recognized for Best Original Tactic. This award focuses on an original way to spread colon cancer awareness or to give back to the community. Earlier this year, GI Associates hosted the first “Butts and Guts 5K Race,” Meant to raise money for colon cancer and also to spread colon cancer awareness, each race participant ran the 5K with a tie-on plastic butt on top of their clothing. Colon cancer can be an uncomfortable subject–bringing some humor to the table can not only help patients relax, but it also brings the topic of colorectal cancer to the forefront.

Dr. Reed Hogan of GI Associates has said he is incredibly honored that he and GI Associates were recognized with both of these awards, noting that “colon cancer is a very preventable disease.” With this level of awareness and giving back to the community, he hopes to offer screenings to all that need them. GI Associates offers three convenient Mississippi locations, in Jackson, Flowood, and Vicksburg, and also provides pediatric services. To learn more about a colonoscopy or colorectal cancer screening, make an appointment today.

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