*March 25, 2020 Update*

COVID-19 won't slow the spread of Colon Cancer… but a screening colonoscopy does! And so we race on to fight the 2nd leading cause of cancer death in the United States. 

The 2020 Guts and Butts 5k Run/Walk will not be held in-person this year due to the ongoing health concerns. We are excited to announce that we will be holding the event as a fun and unique virtual race with lots of fun in store for everyone who joins in! Sign up + learn more.

Let’s all work to prevent colon cancer!

By helping raise awareness of the risks of colon cancer, you can quite literally save lives. When found early, colon cancer is over 90% curable.

The physicians of GI Associates are ready at any moment to discuss the benefits of a screening colonoscopy. A colonoscopy can find early stage cancers, but small precancerous polyps are also found during the procedure. These polyps are removed, thus preventing them from developing into cancers. But who says education and awareness can’t be fun?

Once again, GI Associates is sponsoring a 5K Run and Walk to help spread colon cancer awareness, the Guts and Butts 5K, which will take place at 694 Liberty Road, in Flowood, MS. On Saturday, April 11th (See all details here). There will also be a Kids' Fun Run and even a virtual run so anyone from anywhere to be a part of the action!

All net proceeds will be donated to the 70x2020 initiative whose goal is to have 70% of all eligible Mississippians screened annually by 2020. In 2019, we raised over $5300 to help fight colon cancer.

For all details and to register, click here:



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