A small, but interesting study has been reported linking allergies to food or food additives with IBS and IBS-like symptoms. The Gastroenterology community would like to see the study expanded to see if the results hold up to more rigorous scientific scrutiny. The study took patients with known or suspected IBS and had them skin tested for food allergies. 58% had at least one doubtful or positive test result for a food allergy.

Patients then completed a one-week avoidance diet of the foods/food additive to which they reacted. Nearly half—47.7%—reported a moderate to great improvement in symptoms, 13% reported a slight improvement and 39% reported no improvement.

Because the results seem significant we look forward to more expanded studies. In the meantime, if you are suffering from GI distress, let the caring doctors of GI Associates take care of you. Call 601-155-1234 for an appointment.

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