Colon Cancer

A recent article regarding the effectiveness of colon cancer screening that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine was reported through media outlets in a misleading manner.

Numerous experts have noted that the NEJM article did NOT conclude that screening colonoscopy does not reduce mortality due to colon cancer. In fact, study participants that received a colonoscopy had a 30% reduction in colon cancer and a 50% mortality reduction when compared to study participants that did not have a colonoscopy.

What is being reported as a lack of effectiveness of colonoscopy were data that included patients who were invited to have colonoscopy but did not get a colonoscopy. Only 40% of participants invited to have a colonoscopy for this study actually had one. The participants in this group that did not receive a colonoscopy were included in the data as part of the “screening program” group.

When this detail is known, the conclusion one should draw is that colonoscopy is extremely effective at preventing colon cancer and preventing death from colon cancer IF YOU HAVE THE PROCEDURE DONE.

Colonoscopies are still the best way to PREVENT colon cancer. If you have questions, please call us at 601-354-1234 and get the answers you deserve.

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