Summary: If you have indications of a liver issue, FibroScan testing may be suggested to assess the degree of fibrosis (scarring) and fat buildup in the liver.

Transient elastography is a noninvasive procedure performed by physicians to examine the wellness of the liver and evaluate for diseases that might affect the function of the liver. Carried out using ultrasound imaging, this advanced diagnostic evaluation, also termed FibroScan, evaluates the quantity of fat tissue within an individual's liver (fatty liver disease). This liver test also permits doctors to measure the extent of stiffness in the liver tissue. A high amount of stiffness can reveal the existence of liver fibrosis, inflammation of the liver, or further troubles. In the event that fatty liver disease or fibrotic scarring is likely, the expert doctors at GI Associates & Endoscopy Center in Jackson, MS may carry out a FibroScan analysis to diagnose and assess the degree of the issue.

When is FibroScan recommended?

Gastrointestinal (GI) specialists commonly address diseases of the liver and may order a FibroScan test for patients with symptoms of mild to late-stage liver problems. A gastroenterologist might suggest FibroScan assessments for people who exhibit one or more symptoms of a liver condition or injury, such as:

  • Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Severe liver fibrotic scarring (cirrhosis)
  • Syndrome X
  • Different types of liver inflammation
  • Alcohol-related liver disease

How FibroScan works

FibroScan is carried out at GI Associates & Endoscopy Center in Jackson, MS, and might be recommended as a substitute for a liver biopsy. It is normally performed along with additional diagnostic imaging or blood work to thoroughly evaluate a liver condition. Over the course of the test, you will lie flat on an exam table. The sonographer will then pass the FibroScan imaging wand over the upper right abdominal area, right under the ribs. Several pulses are emitted directly into the liver, determining the rate at which ultrasound vibrations pass through the liver tissue. FibroScan tests are generally comfortable and typically require approximately 15 minutes or less to conduct.

What do FibroScan results mean?

When FibroScan testing is done, the scores will be relayed to the doctor who ordered the assessment. The test produces a numerical output that corresponds with the level of fat in the liver (referred to as a controlled attenuation parameter or CAP result) in addition to a fibrosis score.

-The FibroScan controlled attenuation parameter score is calculated in dB/m and is used to ascertain the extent of steatosis (fatty change) in the liver. A higher CAP score demonstrates a higher degree of steatosis and a more serious degree of fatty liver.

-The fibrosis outcome yields information on the existence of scarring (fibrosis) in the liver, extending from no scarring to mild or advanced liver fibrosis (cirrhosis).

A follow-up appointment with the GI specialist will be scheduled to review and talk about the exam scores. Advice for medical care or ways to alter lifestyle habits may then be offered as per the specific needs of each patient. Secondary FibroScan tests can be conducted on a continuous basis to track the state of the liver or to find out whether the liver disease has advanced.

Discover more about FibroScan testing in Jackson, MS

As one of the largest organs in the body, the liver plays a critical role in systemic health. Fatty liver conditions and fibrotic scarring may impact numerous aspects of a patient’s overall health, from causing abdominal swelling and fatigue to increasing the risk of liver cancer and liver failure. The expert staff at GI Associates & Endoscopy Center in Jackson, MS offers noninvasive FibroScan testing to detect fat in the liver or fibrotic scarring. For additional information about this diagnostic test or to book a visit with a skilled gastroenterologist, please contact GI Associates & Endoscopy Center today.

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