Some days one cup of coffee just isn't enough, and a new study shows that people who drink wine, coffee, tea, buttermilk and eat fruits, vegetables and yogurt increase the diversity of the bacteria in the gut. The average intestine is about 30 feet long which makes it the largest immune system the body has. The bacteria in the gut helps to prevent food borne illnesses and weakened immune systems.

Just as some foods can boost our immune system and add variety to the bacteria in the gut, some foods and even some medicines can decrease them. Drinks and foods with simple carbohydrates like sugary sodas, whole milk and junk food will decrease the bacteria in the gut significantly. Not getting enough sleep at night, being diabetic, carrying extra weight and using artificial sweeteners may also decrease bacteria in the gut. Some diabetic and reflux medications can decrease bacteria and antibiotics can completely wipe out the gut’s bacteria.

The moral of the story is that eating a high fiber and low carbohydrate diet promotes a healthy environment for good, diverse bacteria to line the colon and fight every day to keep you healthy. Diversify your diet with different fruits, vegetables and drinks to help strengthen your defense system.

If you are carrying extra weight and can’t seem to drop pounds on your own, consider talking to our nutritionist about the Ideal Protein plan. You’ll lose weight and keep your gut healthy by eating more fiber and less carbs. GI Associates wants you to live your most healthy life and we are here to help!

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