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The process of reflux is the same in infants, children, and adults; acid that belongs in the stomach "refluxes" back up into the esophagus - causing a painful burning sensation.

Adults know exactly how to describe the problem but many times parents are left guessing as the cause of their child's distress. There are clues left behind by the acid, that parents and pediatricians can track, which will help with diagnosis. One of those clues is tooth decay.

Tooth decay may indicate that acid is eroding your child's tooth enamel. And that is not all, bad breath could also be a symptom of reflux. We have added a brochure, in our pediatric resources, which provides more information.

If you suspect your child is suffering from reflux, our Pediatric specialists, are ready to help. You can call our offices at 601-355-1234 or use the form on our contact us page to request an appointment.

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