The Facts about Cologuard


A Cologuard IS NOT an alternative to a colonoscopy!

Why gamble with your patient’s health?

We don’t believe you are the kind of doctor who prescribes a test that could miss 60% of cancer. Know all the facts about Cologuard before recommending it to your next patient.

  • Cologuard misses 8% of all cancer
  • Cologuard misses 58% of large precancerous polyps
  • With Cologuard, the false positive rate (test coming back positive when everything is completely normal) is about 12%
  • Almost 1 in 10 positive Cologuard tests will incorrectly identify cancer or polyps
  • Cologuard uses the screening benefits. This means if a patient gets a positive Cologuard result, the following colonoscopy is considered a diagnostic test and at cost to the patient

Know the Facts

Colonoscopy Myths

Myth: The prep is terrible.
Preparation options for a colonoscopy have improved significantly. It is as simple as drinking a 2 or 4-ounce solution OR our new, non-oral prep option, HyGIeaCare.

Myth: Colonoscopies are painful.
The procedure is relatively quick, painless and are performed under sedation. Recovery is quick and most patients don’t even remember their procedure.

Myth: Colonoscopies are too expensive.
The Affordable Care Act mandates that insurance cover 100% of the cost of a screening colonoscopy.

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